The Awesome Max Edition on PlayStation 4

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Do you want to drive a unicorn while spitting fire in a role of a cat murderer? Everything is possible in this fun game with psn code generator, which comes in its final version including all the DLC available for Xbox One. If you like arcade video games, with easy mechanical to assimilate, but difficult to master, by now you should have already tried some of the deliveries of the Trials series, leading diverting millions of players over five years, with games like Trials HD (2009), Trials Evolution (2012) and finally Trials Fusion (2014). A little adventure is divided into eight tracks on which we drive a unicorn with a gun and a Rambo headband. The grace of these phases, besides being the most spectacular and puzzling levels we’ve never seen in Trials with teleportation, dimensional changes, visits to fantasy worlds and space travel in zero gravity, is the fact that our main couple it is handled differently to other bikes so, they have not caught a motorcycle and have put a skin of cat and unicorn, but they introduced new characters in the game. The six downloadable packs that had already been launched and which formed part of the Season Pass are Riders of the Rustlands, Empire of the Sky, Welcome to the Abyss, in the Deep Fire, Fault and Zero One After the Incident, all with different atmospheres and new tracks and challenges to the game. In addition to the online multiplayer which was launched in November, and a number of small free updates. Now with the arrival of the seventh DLC, the largest Awesome Level Max, Ubisoft celebrates throwing a definitive edition or GOTY: Trials Fusion: The Awesome Max Edition, which includes the original game with all its downloadable content, including emerging. In total we have 188 tracks, plus all that you have created by the community, ranging from almost 50,000 tracks in the entire game. To all this we must add Awesome Level Max, the new DLC sold both separately and along with this definitive edition, which we found very funny.

At first it will cost you to get used to unique physical movements and also because of the madness of events occurring in the first tracks of this adventure, but soon they’ll take the point and you will enjoy a lot. It’s a shame that these eight tracks are short, and within a certain time when you’ve finished them, you will still want more. Besides the entertaining adventures of cat and unicorn, Awesome Level Max contains RedLynx vs All-Star, 20 new tracks made by both RedLynx team as some of the best artists from all over the world, and they are really good. This makes total this new DLC has 40 new tracks, plus new items for the garage, achievements, challenges and track objects including the editor of the stage.

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Fifa 16 – Best Tips

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Fifa 16 is one of the hottest games on the market nowdays! The biggest news was that FIFA 16 more than doubled free fifa 16 coins revenue then Destiny and Taken King on Playstation 4. The figures include both digital sales of games and micro-transactions as points of FIFA. Therefore, Fifa 16 is the game of the year! Here are some best tricks that you can use in the game.

Indeed, the only reason I use the pro-rated is to find a club to join. I see no other point in them at all. Do not misunderstand: The concept is good. A random group of 11 people get together and each plays a position to finally defeat the other side. Unfortunately, in practice this is a serious mistake and only becomes an aggravating experience. Here is why – Nobody stays in position. If someone plays at left back, it is guaranteed that they will be higher in the field of the strikers. Nobody passes. Everyone seems on a mission of a man about to get on your own, without help from anyone. Implementers at random. Every time I play a pro-rated with human always seems to come right out and want to play in advance. Youth trash-talking always abuse their teammates. When there is no reason to do so, young players verbally abuse other players.

Once you have created your Pro Player and are ready to take on the world, you have to decide what position to play. There are many things to consider when doing this. Where do you like to play? At the end of the day, no matter what they say, you’re playing FIFA for fun. Play the desired position (even if it is left behind). The forward position is most often played in the FIFA. Therefore most of the clubs are not looking. You still have the intention to attack a striker does, but you will be more likely to set goals until you score.

Defenders may be the key to successful clubs. Good advocates are highly sought after by the best clubs. If you enjoy the defense, and you are decent at it, I suggest you stick with it. You will have people asking to join their team. Do not be intimidated by low rating. It will quickly increase as you play games. Try different positions. You might just find that you are a powerful right midfielder rather than a forward player. You can change your Pro at any time, so if something does not work, try a different position. Note that you will need at least another teammate on the club who will have to play.

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The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 for PlayStation 4

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The Book of Unwritten Tales comes to consoles from Sony and Microsoft with a psn code generator giveaway, good adaptation that has not lost any humor or fun.The Book of Unwritten Tales 2, is second part of one of the most remarkable, funny and beautiful graphic adventures in recent times. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 received by direct inheritance of the most revered PC games, all those ingredients that made so great adventure, adding numerous layers and ideas. The result was a wonderful game that left us speechless and impress with magical world, that is so much different, beyond known reality. Now The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 comes for consoles, which receives all the benefits, and a suitable control for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 tells a fantasy story, very classic, which starts right at the end of the previous chapter. Do not worry, because King Art has sought ways of living in their own world, so the player does not feel lost despite the abrupt onset. The game is in the third person, with large doses of humor.

The start of ‘The Book of Unwritten Tales 2’ is story beyond the fate of AVANTASIA, which is very important, and will be back in your hands. There are very bizarre, strange and funny characters that are, forming a team of heroes. dDialogues, conversations, jokes and winks in narrative tone areshowing truly hilarious moments. Wilbur, Nate, Ivo or pink Critter are, the reason why you will want to continue playing. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is a well-written adventure, do not waste the opportunity to gain the complicity of the player with numerous cameos and resources of the epic fantasy, adventure stories pulp or even, space opera. Yes, it may sound a strange hodgepodge, but DNA is part of the game, it feels very comfortable in the smartest reference to popular culture.

Elves, wizards … The variety of strange characters and colorful characters that we find in The Book of Unwritten Tales, are main actors .The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is an adventure game to use, in which we find huge amounts of puzzles, riddles and conversations, and in which you must examine scenes, find objects and elements that interact and give rise to new interactions with to progress in the game. The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 is awesome game that will remind you on endless charm of point and click adventures.

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FIFA 16: Essential Tips Guide

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It is not easy to master Fifa 16 Gameplay! We are giving you the few factors to consider to defend more efficiently, keep the ball and attack with discretion in Fifa 16!

Let’s face it, FIFA 16 is a difficult game. Especially, in the first hours. As we reflect on our analysis, and one of the systems most unjust and cruel difficulty we have ever seen on a football title, there are plenty of controls to master, and then there’s the fact that the game itself assumes that the user knows a lot about football, which is able to read plays and apply that knowledge in digital field. If you do not have years of practice with FIFA behind you, you will need fifa 16 coin hack, it may be difficult to tackle the new edition of EA Sports simulator and even if you consider yourself a “master” in FIFA, have to relearn certain things.

1. Knowledge Before you can run, you have to learn to walk. FIFA 16 is a very complex way of football, with many types of shooting, passing and dribbling. To learn the basics (or even later), we recommend you dig them out EA Sports videos published in the main menu. You can also use the new FIFA Trainer help system (press L3 in the party), which will provide direct advice and suggestions. It does not hurt to play a few games in the easiest difficulty and pay attention to the indications of the help system.

2. Practice After learning the theory of FIFA 16, it is time to implement it and for this there is nothing better to overcome the different games and skill challenges with the best record possible. Some of these challenges can be a horror, but after several attempts, we know that you will get it. And they can be a good fun with different touch arcade game by game. If you manage to master these Games, you will be better prepared to bite the FIFA experience (both online and offline) and know most of the secrets of the game system.

3. The art of a good defense FIFA Defense is a difficult experience and has been since EA Sports changed to manual defensive scheme. However, if it turns out that you too hard, you can always switch to the classical scheme, which is practically automatic. You only have to go to the Controls section and choose the “Legacy Defending” option. Apart from that solution, the other thing you can do is stay calm defending: do not throw yourselves like crazy for the ball or the opponent you will haggle with ease. Tranquility, patience and choose the right time are the keys to a good defense.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

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The premise of Black Ops III, free xbox live gold,  is rather disturbing, and represent in terms of purely narrative one of the most fascinating insights of the entire production. With progress of uncontrolled technology in all areas of science, things that ten years ago seemed impossible become reality.

In not to distant future where Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is starting, returning soldiers after the battle will get new arms lost in battle, weapons can automatically triangulate the position of the enemies and make fire on them, neural implants that “connect” the minds of citizens, missile technologies that are able to target aircraft in the sky, humanoid robots deployed on the battlefield, are just some of the major improvements depicted in  the game. Many of these technologies already exist, we said: drones are now flying over the planet; two years ago the first American soldier was given artificial limb; some rifles are able to triangulate and automatically detect the location of a sniper.

The future of the war, according Bundell and Treyarch, will not play with the raw power of weapons, or the number of bullets fired per second. Luckily, in a world with robots and bionic limbs, machine guns to shoot still under thirty bullets at a time, which must be recharged every two bursts, it breaks a bit ‘the suspension of disbelief. An absolutely crucial role in the fighting will be information. Every soldier of the future will have a Direct Neural Interface (DNI) that allows it to be connected at all times with the other fellow soldiers deployed together with him, and will then see what they see, the position of the enemies, traps, explosives, and use all this information to act in the most efficient and deadly way.

The other key element is the customization of your character. Each soldier has a core cybernetic, or Cybercore, which allows to use dynamically, depending on the battlefield and enemies present, different abilities, divided into four different categories: Chaos, to confuse enemies (making vomit, in the case of human soldiers, for example, or by disturbing the signals of the robots and drones); Martial, which allows you to activate for brief moments fists particularly powerful boost of adrenaline, and even become invisible; Control, to take command of enemy robotic units on or off with powerful electric shock, or enter the surveillance cameras to find out where they hide opponents. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a neat game that will make your adrenaline rush, highly rrecommended.

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Too much TNT Mode for Minecraft

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In this article we will describe one of the most popular Minecraft mode – Too Much TNT Mode! It is mode for 1.6.4. version of Minecraft, or updated version 1.7.10.  It is very funny mode that will blow things up, so take care!For additional info check Générateur de Compte Premium Minecraft!

The first TNT is TNTx5. It will cost you 4 TNT, TNTx20 will cost you 4 TNTx5. Now the things are getting destructive! TNTx100! That will cost you four TNTx20 and now things are getting serious – warning! TNTx500! If you do not have a good computer it mostly will crash in 70% cases. You will need four TNTx100. Next one may crash your computer as well – Meteor TNT that will create seriously big explosion and it includes TNT500 in a recipy. Next one is FlatTNT, special TNT that will just flat a land for you.Now we will move to the next one and that is Nuclear TNT. It will not crash you, but instead it will just knock you back really far away and it will put a lot of green thoings ona ground, which is nuclear vaste!

If you are in survival mode, it will put you in fire and create a big explosion. Recently TNTs have been updated like revolution TNT. Once when loaded it will spam more revolution TNTs and then when stops, it will rotate once again.Here are few more TNTs from this mode – DinamitesTNT! Those are special kinds of TNTs thatyou kan throw and they are based on every regular TNT! There is the most descructive TNT – called Chickaloop. When you fire it up, you will see gigantic meteor falling from the sky, and once it hits a ground, it will explode and it will create small meteors and those will explode, too. Those TNTs are currently updated also, but there are many more TNTs in this mode.

Too Much TNT Mode is extremely fun mode that will give you hours and hours of fun! You just need a little ingredients and right recipes, and you will be ready to fire up your TNTs and enjoy ultimate Minecraft fireworks! Minecraft has a tons of interesting modes, and we will continue to review such modes for your pleasure. If you do have any comment please feel free to send us a note, and we will be more then happy to answer to your questions about Minecraft.

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Demon Hunters again, or Victor Vran Game Review

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If you ever watched Van Helsing movie, you will immediately identify newest demon hunter named Victor with famous medieval witch slayer. Victor Vran, the game offers a specific mixture of role-play elements and action based gameplay. Placed somewhere between Diablo series and Van Helsingfranchise, Victor Vran is trying to find his own place in specialized action RPG niche.

Victor Vran is a game that is loot based, which means that you will spend most of your time in searching for perfect items that will increase some of your primary statistics. Even a game is item based it still manages to surprise you primarily with astonishing graphics and adrenaline pumping battles. It also offers unique character customization system that will satisfy your need for creating the best possible avatar for a video game.


Tropico-dev-announces-Victor-Vran-an-upcoming-action-RPG-4-1024x576The story is almost a classical cliche, You are Victor Vran, a demon hunter on a journey to Zagoravia, city owned by demons and shadows. Entire game is filled with dark fantasy theme, enriched with few unique features that are separate this game from similar games in the genre. First of all, the game doesn’t offer ant class. Character design heavily depends upon weapon type and specific destiny cards.

victor-vran-screenshot-05The game offers a huge selection of weapons, that upon they are equipped can be used in various ways by activating special abilities on hotbar. You can combine different weapons and destiny card to create some really interesting combinations in the game. But, the lack of class somehow affect the replay value of the game, if you finish a game with once, there is nothing special to force you to play game again. You will be able to finish entire game in 12-15 hours, and try your skills later in endless arena named Bottomless Pit.

Still, most of your attention in the game will be focused on finding powerful and rare legendary weapons. If you liked Diablo and Van Helsing games, you will probably like Victor Vran, a demon hunter with a style.

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